St. Joseph Family Care Program
Love God. Love to serve.

Welcome to our new Catholic Charities care program.

The most beautiful thing God made: The family.

Pope Francis

We are here to provide all of you new services to better your every day lives.

We are proud to announce we have aligned with JISEKI Health to deliver services to people in need. Such services include, Food boxes, immigration services, financial services, and virtual primary care.

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Our mission.

To glorify God by serving the needs of our community.

We want every part of our ministry to be Christ centered. We would love to meet you!

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Our Services

We've developed services for those most in need.

Immigration Services

JISEKI created a text-based bot to triage a user’s immigration needs based on understanding of immigration law. The bot identifies potential issues, suggests options to address them, and offers appointments with member's designated immigration attorneys.

Virtual Primary Care

Leveraging our services is as easy as texting #doc to 543210. JISEKI is a patented technology that intelligently embraces humans, AI, and bots to deliver micro-services of various partners at scale using SMS.

Food Boxes

JISEKI offers a food security service that is leveraged by an automated bot or via a dedicated JISEKI concierge. You can discuss food insecurity issues and potentially order a food box delivery or similar.

Financial Services

JISEKI offers a financial counseling bot, plus the option to speak to a JISEKI concierge on financial counseling.

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